[Release] 360° video player: Kolor Eyes Desktop 1.1 with Oculus Rift & 3D support

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Oculus rift - Kolor Eyes free 360 video player

The Oculus Rift support was introduced by Kolor during International CES 2014 in Las Vegas.

Kolor releases today version 1.1 of the free 360-degree video player Kolor Eyes Desktop, compatible with Windows and Mac.

This version has exciting new features:

  • Oculus Rift support: watch 360-degree videos with your Oculus Rift thanks to Kolor Eyes!
  • 360 videos in 3D: Kolor Eyes Desktop now supports 3D videos. Combined with an Oculus Rift, 360-degree videos have never been so immersive!
  • We added keyboard shortcuts for an easier navigation in the video and other enhancements that you can find in the change log below





Download Kolor Eyes Desktop 1.1



The change log

Major feature

This new version of Kolor Eyes for computers supports Oculus Rift. It makes the experience more immersive than ever!

You can try it with a standard 360-degree video but also with a 3D 360-degree video which gives you an awesome result!

Other features

We added the crash reporter in Kolor Eyes, so you can simply send us an automatic report if the software application crashes. It will help us improve the software and provide you with the best product we can.

We added some keyboard shortcuts, it can be very useful especially when using Oculus Rift device. Change the video effect or projection by just pressing ‘E’ or ‘P’. You can display the list of keyboard shortcuts by pressing ‘H’.

You can access a short software log in the menu. It gives you information about the state of some features (Oculus, sensor, video decoding…).


We fixed some crashes reported in beta versions, we hope this new version will give you more satisfaction. Thanks to all users who send us crash reports, it really helps us improve the software.

Changelog compared to 1.0.0 :

- 0002549: [UI] Oculus Rift support.

- 0003068: [UI] Oculus 3D texture left/right.

- 0002099: [OS integration] crash manager.

- 0002516: [UI] Display video error messages.

- 0003062: [UI] Display more info about video in software log.

- 0003295: [UI] Keyboard shortcuts.

- 0002130: [UI] Help in first screen.

- 0003061: [UI] Oculus and Sensor icons overlap.

- 0003017: [Benchmark] Log system accessible via UI.

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