[Panotour Pro 2.0] Case study #9: Travel guide | Nuno Madeira photographer

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Kolor is pleased to publish online the ninth post blog entitled “Case Study”. Its purpose is various:

  • Enhance and highlight the work of a photographer
  • Present the results obtained with our software solutions and present business field where they can be applied
  • To put the photographer in touch with potentials customers

For this ninth case study, Nuno Madeira photographer uses the virtual tour and Panotour Pro 2.0 to present Lisboa360, travel guide of the city of Lisbon (Portugal) in 360 degree.

Could you introduce yourself?

My firstname is Nuno, I´m 34 years old and live in Almada, a city close to Lisbon. I am architect , 360º photographer,web designer/front end developer and the founder of WIDE®, a small digital studio in the heart of Lisbon. Previously, I worked for the advertising agency Havas Worldwide. I have some passions namely playing music, art and snowboard.

Kolor team found awesome your project named Lisboa360. Could you give us more details about the virtual tour?

The virtual tour seems quite simple, but it took me several weeks to come out with the layout. I have been inspired by the old architecture sketchs made by my father’s hand. I started to add the footer vertically and everything made sense, with all the content 100% width in vertical. This structure allowed me to save some space for images’ height. This was a long process because moving some “pixels to the right” can change everything in the layout. I remember my first architecture lesson, I could not understand why the teacher was always talking about concept. In fact, without a concept the form can be everything and can be good looking only. I am sure that without a good concept your project is empty. The tip is concept!

In short, what do you think about Panotour Pro 2?

I think Panotour Pro version 2 presents the future of  next generation virtual tours. This version is focused on content and may also help people who are not familiar with code. To me, it is the masterpiece. You can also upgrade your old virtual tours.


What kind of equipment did you use to make this virtual tour?

Camera and lens Accessories Software
  • Canon 60D
  • Tokina 10-17mm
  • Nodal Ninja 3 MKII
  • Giottos MTL8361B
  • RAW processing: Camera raw
  • Image stitching: PtGui
  • Virtual tour: Panotour Pro 2.0
  • Custom graphics: Photoshop CC
  • Sound design: Renoise
  • Microsoft Expression Web Designer 4

Do you have other projects you would like to share with us?

Lisboa and Porto 360 virtual tours are not complete, in the future I would like to add more information.  For the future, I am focus on 360° city guide, cinematic experiences + virtual tours content. Here are some examples of my work:



If our readers want to congratulate or leave you a kind message, how can they do?


If you also want to present your work and appear on the Kolor blog for the “Case Study #10″, thank you to contact us by email or leave a comment. Kolor team


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