Kolor Store: Kolor launches with Arnaud Frich differents panoramic photography bundles

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Kolor launches in partnership with Arnaud Frich expert in panoramic photography, Arnaud Frich’s bundles. Thanks to his advice, discover the characteristics of these bundles (including hardware + software) and become an expert in the panoramic format!

What is my project?

  • I want to shoot beautiful panoramas in high resolution, in this case, the panorama gigapixels bundle is made for me.
  • I want to take my photos from another point of view. Take some height with the aerial photography bundle!
  • I want to make new generation virtual tours. Differentiate yourself through the HD virtual tour bundle.
  • At first, I seek only to discover the panoramic format. Opt for a compact and light equipment as proposed by the outdoor panoramic photographer bundle.

About Arnaud

Professional photographer and author, Arnaud Frich made ​​panoramic photography his specialty. Seduced at a young age by the charm of this format, he shares his passion for photography through various training courses, books, articles and internet website “Le guide de la photo panoramique. Arnaud Frich, a famous name in the field of panoramic photography in France, is at the origin of one of the largest panoramic image in the world: Paris 26 Gigapixels.


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