[Autopano Video 1.1] Video tutorial: Advanced 360 degree video processing

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This tutorial will show you how to produce an amazing, perfectly stitched and stabilized 360 video. This advanced tutorial presents the 3 steps required to get such a result :

  • First, create two perfect panoramas as reference: one for the background (mountains) and another for close subjects (helmet & wingsuit)
  • Then, merge these two panoramas into Adobe After Effects to get a result without parallax errors
  • Finally, stabilize your 360 degree video using Blender and its “Panorama-Tracker addon” (avaible on GitHub) to clean all annoying movements and distortions of the horizon due to the rotation of the 360 camera
  • You can enjoy the final result. Your 360 video is perfectly stitched thanks to Autopano Video

This will lead you into the category of high level 360 video producer!

[iframe width="615" height="376" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen]

Image courtesy of Matthias Taugwalder
Production: TPC AG / 360CONCEPT

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