Virtual tour software: Panotour / Panotour Pro 2.0 RC

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Virtual tour software: Panotour / Panotour Pro 2.0 RC

We’re now very close to the final release of virtual tour software Panotour / Panotour Pro 2.0! Kolor releases today a Release Candidate that you can download and try (for Windows, Mac and Linux).

As a reminder, you can already purchase Panotour 2.0 or Panotour Pro 2.0: you receive a license code for the latest stable version 1.8 + a license code for version 2, so you can already use it even if it’s not officially released yet.

This Release Candidate includes many bug fixes and a major enhancement: the support of multi-resolution in HTML5, both for full spherical panoramas and for planar panoramas (see details in the change log).

This version also introduces two new languages: German and Polish, in addition to English and French.

If you own a branding-free license for Panotour Pro, please read the special note below, as you need to use a new license code.


Discover Panotour Pro 2.0 Download the Release Candidate

The latest virtual tours created with Panotour Pro 2

Virtual tour created with Panotour Pro 2

University campus virtual tour © Fabio Musio

Virtual tour created with Panotour Pro 2

Luxury hospitality virtual tour © Thierry Russo-Delattre


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The change log

Major feature

This new version includes the 1.17 Pre Release version of krpano player.

You can now build a multi-resolution tour using an HTML5 player.

Full spherical panoramas and planar panoramas can be displayed at full resolution on desktop computers with the HTML5 player and on mobile devices.

Partial spherical panoramas (i.e. not 360×180°) are supported but not with multi-resolution.

Important note for all Branding-Free license owners

With this new player version, the license management changed. The branding-free license you used in the 1.x versions and in prior alpha and beta versions of Panotour Pro 2.0 cannot be used anymore. A free upgraded license can be retrieved on your customer account. You’ll need to register it in Panotour Pro through the Help > Licenses menu.

Important note for krpano Tools users

You’ll need to do a new “export” of your embedded krpano license to be able to use the new version of krpano tools.

New available translations

- German

- Polish

Fixes since 2.0 beta 5

- 0002338: [UI] Zoom limits/levels bugs

- 0002377: [UI] Lost of the descriptions fields in UI

- 0002424: [UI] Description is lost if text use a quote

- 0002452: [UI] Action open website box on hotspot with new style persist even if website box is removed

- 0002716: [UI] Into Descriptions fields, use of TAB generate a non valid xml for HTML5

- 0002917: [UI] Description : remove formatting action can crash PTP

- 0002465: [UI] Invisible thumbnails (or little) into Tour workspace

- 0002910: [UI] Hotspot editor displays a lower resolution than in 1.8 -> spotting on gigapixels is harder or impossible

- 0002918: [UI] Hotspot without “Goto Panorama” action can be dragged in the workspace and then Panotour crashes

- 0002927: [UI] Actions on plugins are lost or badly defined on project load

- 0002933: [UI] Spots and links of the first panorama are not always correctly displayed

- 0002942: [UI] When a preset is loaded the “start parameters” are not updated

- 0002285: [Tour] License Error on HTML5 player with domains restriction feature

- 0002710: [Tour] Add planar projection compatibility on HTML5 player

- 0002793: [Tour] Livepano : do a seek(0) on video complete to be able to replay it on click

- 0002903: [Tour] unable to stop a sound played with playsound action

- 0002905: [Tour] playsound does not work on a button !

- 0002935: [Tour] When a video is displayed, the background sounds are not stopped

- 0002939: [Tour] Add default height of 100% into the html template

- 0002949: [Tour] Remove capture event on picture spots

- 0002881: [Plugin] FloorPlan : display bug on multiple floor plan without title affectation

- 0002892: [Plugin] FloorPlan : use background alpha on title background color

- 0002948: [Plugin] FloorPlan : bad floorplan affectation for specified panoramas

- 0002946: [Plugin] Floorplan : keep current floorplan if panorama is found on many floorplans

- 0002323: [Plugin] D-Pad control bar : issue with zoom slider

- 0002749: [Plugin] PDF BOX : Bad init loading of PDF on iOS

- 0002945: [Plugin] Prev/next plugins : tooltip textfield can be clicked even if not visible

- 0002657: [Plugin] KolorBox video : black screen after a Youtube video close on IE8

- 0002931: [Plugin] PanoramaMenu : the current panorama is not always highlighted when it is loaded thru another plugin

- 0002936: [Plugin] Description plugin : add title option + correct background color update for groups

- 0002528: [Plugin] KolorBox : update size/display of iframe on mobile devices

- 0002924: [Plugin] KolorBox : Close X button of box/area doesn’t work on Android

- 0002925: [Plugin] KoloBox : white flash on iframe loading

- 0002827: [Plugin] Thumbnails stack : loading problem on some thumbs

- 0002906: [Plugin] PanotourMaps : add focus/blur actions for keyboard on Bing Maps

- 0002916: [Plugin] PanotourMaps : use center point on init

- 0002928: [Plugin] PanotourMaps : Add map title option for map over the tour

- 0002904: [Plugin] All krpano plugins : Problem with loop actions on projects with more than 200 panoramas

- 0002189: [Algorithm] LivePano : Unable to create a LivePano when the images stored in the .pano file are not found

- 0002898: [Algorithm] LivePano : bit-rate of encoded video is too high

- 0002943: [Algorithm] Replace panorama file removes the panorama

- 0002950: [Algorithm] Unable to tune the “used memory” in 2.0 – it was allowed in 1.8

- 0000881: [Algorithm] algorithm that creates Cube Faces for Mobile could be optimized

- 0001984: [Algorithm] MacOS : Temporary resources are copied at disk root and not removed

- 0002902: [Algorithm] The generated “spots” directory is a file -> spots are not generated

  • Kevin | Dec 19, 2013 at 15 h 15 min

    Glad to see you’re having a RC. It took quiet a while, hope it’s worth waiting for it.

  • stefano | Jan 9, 2014 at 20 h 56 min

    When Panotour Pro 2.0 in italian language?
    Stefano Gelli

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