[Autopano Video 1.1] Tutorial: Synchronize your videos | Motion Synchronization

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The video stitching is based on the stitching of images taken at a precise moment in the different videos. For the stitching to look as best as possible, we have to make sure that the entry source flow is synchronized.

Importance of synchronization

The stitching allows you to define the relative positions of the cameras. If the flows aren’t synchronised, it’s the equivalent of relative motion of the cameras themselves (if one camera starts before another, the relative position isn’t stable). Ideally, it would be best if your equipment could assure this synchronicity but that is not always possible, which is why Autopano Video gives you the necessary tools to do so.

Different ways to synchronize your videos

  • Sound: If your video and audio track are perfectly synchronized (very rare) this method provides a millisecond accurate synchronization
  • Motion: Can be very easily used in most cases and very reliable – frame accurate
  • Manual: Adaptability to your situation


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