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Logo Clubic. Clubic a sélectionné Autopano comme le meilleur logiciel de, France’s reference online magazine in the IT field (4.6 million visitors per month) has just published a buyer’s guide (in French) at the approach of Christmas.

“To stitch big images or complex panorama, the indispensable software is Autopano Pro. It makes it possible to automatically analyze and classify sets of images (even taken freehand) and stitch them perfectly using SIFT technology based on advanced algorithms. In addition, Autopano Pro will be able, if necessary, to let the user select what is to be kept or discarded in the overlapping areas (available in Giga version), adjust the color balance, enable a real-time manipulation of the images, and at full resolution.

The piece of software is very easy to handle. Hikers, architecture enthusiasts, amateur or professional photographers will be delighted to use Autopano. All for 99€, it is a nice gift no doubt!”

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