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Kolor Panobook - Book and panoramic photography contest

What is Kolor Panobook?

Kolor Panobook is the world’s biggest contest of panoramic photography leading to the publishing of a book. Hundreds of amateur and professional photographers join this contest every year for a chance to be published into the book and maybe become Kolor’s Panoramic Photographer of the Year.

When will the book will be available?

We have a very good piece of news. The Panobook 2013 is being printed… We expect to receive them at the beginning of the month of December. That will be a very nice christmas gift for your relatives and friends!

What will the Panobook 2013 look like?

Among the 5 panoramic images selected by Kolor (which both content and ratio could fit in the Panobook 2013 cover), you selected the panorama named “Symbole Valaisan” shot by Samuel Gachet as the Kolor Panobook 2013 cover! Here is a preview showing:

Who is the Kolor Best Panoramic Photographer of the Year?

Marcos Furer, Kolor Best Panoramic Photographer of the Year

To win such a prestigious contest means a lot to me. It gives me an idea of where I am really standing as a photographer. To have people appreciating my view of the world gives me a good feeling and encourages me to keep up shooting”. Marcos Furer, best panoramic photographer 2013

Founder of Kolor Alexandre Jenny’s thank you note

Alexandre Jenny, founder of Kolor

“Like every year, I look forward to the release of the results for the Panobook. When the contest starts, I am skeptical and tell myself that the new edition won’t be able to surpass the previous one. And yet, when the results are announced, I discover that I am wrong. Every year, this book allows me to discover new compositions, amazing lighting, breathtaking shots, and unusual and unknown places. It rocks! Thanks to you, this 2013 Panobook will be once again, an enormous collection of talent. Hats off to you all, I am your biggest fan.” Alexandre Jenny

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