Video On Demand: How to watch my training course online? How to download it on my desktop?

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Trainings Learning panoramic photography with Autopano, Learn lighting for studio photography and Master Digital SLR Photography are now available online! Here is a user guide which will explain you how to watch your training directly online and how to download your training course on watch it from your desktop.  

How to watch my training?

  • First, you will have to go to Then create a new account using your activation code which looks like CXXXXX-XXXXXXXXXX (You can find this activation code on your order confirmation sent by Kolor).

  • Section “My library” contains your training(s) course(s). Clic on “View lesson” to start the course. You can watch it online, start with basics and become a pro!

How to download the course onto my desktop?

You can also watch your training course directly from your desktop or laptop. You just have to download the universal player (application dedicated to Elephorm tutorials viewing) and the training. The process is well described on

To what audience are these training courses intended for?

They are intended for beginners, first time DSLR camera owners, and amateur photographers who want to improve their skills and master their camera in record time.

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