[Kolor store] Special offer: Save 10% on Benro tripods & Nodal Ninja pole P2

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 Well known brands in the field of photography

The carbon fiber pole P2 Nodal Ninja is a kind of giant monopod that can take pictures up to 6 m high in its complete version. It is therefore a very complementary solution of standard tripod (which makes it difficult to rise above 2 m), balloon or drone. The pole allows you to take photos from a different point of view and make “different” virtual tours. The pole is also very comfortable to use and well thought. To us, it is a great investment.


Benro C2580F classic carbon tripod is a lightweight, sturdy support for a DSLR with a zoom lens or a medium-format camera, with a maximum load capacity of 26.4 lb. The C2580F weighs only 3.1 lb yet includes that ensure its stability.

Benro A2580F classic aluminum tripod utilizes full magnesium alloy castings for greater performance, more stable vibration reduction and lighter weight than comparable aluminum alloys. To us Benro tripods are a good value for money.

What is the deal?

Kolor is glad to offer you 10% off on Benro tripods (C2580F, A2580F) and Pole Nodal Ninja P2. The offer is only valid on Kolor Store until November 30, 2013 (while stocks last).

Can you provide me with an example?

Here is the virtual tour of Lake Bourget (Savoie, France) using a pole and Panotour Pro version 2.

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