Kolor & Finwe announce strategic partnership to offer better 360-degree video solutions on mobile

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Finwe & Kolor Partnership

We’re glad to announce you our new partnership with the Finnish company Finwe, to offer better solutions in displaying 360-degree videos on mobile devices, in particular Android-based equipment.

Displaying interactive 360-degree videos on mobile devices is a complex mission because these videos require technological resources that can be different from a device to another. The aim of the partnership is to deliver solutions to display this kind of videos on Android-based devices and let everyone enjoy the very singular experience of interacting with 360-degree videos.

Finwe and Kolor will leverage their expertise and existing solutions in displaying 360-degree videos on mobiles, with (patent-pending Kolor Eyes pixel-accurate player, part of Kolor 360-degree Video Solutions, and Finwe’s 360 Video Ball) to deliver a 360-degree video player and SDK for Android.

Besides this partnership, the clients will be offered custom app development for iOS and Android to create apps that integrate a 360-degree video player.

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