[Video-stitching software] Autopano Video 1.1 (final)

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Software update: the new version 1.1 of Autopano Video and Autopano Video Pro is available for download!

This video stitcher is available for Windows and Mac: automatically assemble multiple video streams to create wide-angle videos or 360-degree videos. Autopano Video and Autopano Video Pro are part of Kolor 360-degree Video Solutions.


Download Autopano Video / Autopano Video Pro



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The changelog

Main changes

This is the new stable release of Autopano Video / Autopano Video Pro. It only contains bug fixes.


There were only a few crash reports about some GPU or codec issues, but that’s all. We are still working on the documentation to get you several tutorials on how to use this software in the field.

So be sure to look at this page regurlarly, as it is being updated quite every day


The next version of Autopano Video Pro will be called v1.5 and it will contain the timeline, horizon stabilization but also several new cool features. That release will be synchronized with the one of Autopano Pro / Giga v3.5. This is needed as some of the new features need to appear in both software at the same time.

Fixes since 1.1.0 beta 3:

- 0002280: [I/O] Crash when more than 4 pano in batch renderer

  • Anthony Murray | Nov 24, 2013 at 0 h 10 min

    After using autopano Video for around 4 months I’m eager to know when the horizon stabilization feature will be available ? A current project heavily relies on 360 video and is due for release next year. Do you need any beta testers ? I’d be glad to help

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