Video tutorial: how to create a virtual tour that embeds Livepano with Panotour Pro 2 (Panotour tutorial)

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We released yesterday a first public beta of Panotour / Panotour Pro 2 virtual tour software and the Livepano addon for Panotour Pro 2. Here is a new Panotour tutorial and Livepano tutorial to let you learn how to create a virtual tour using Panotour Pro 2 and how to integrate a video part in it thanks to the Livepano addon.

Panotour Pro lets you create professional interactive virtual tours while the new Livepano addon lets you include video parts that are perfectly integrated in your virtual tour.

See the resulting virtual tour then watch the video case study:


Panotour tutorial + Livepano tutorial : how to create a virtual tour, video case study (Chadian)

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