Kolor Panotour Pro 2.0: First public beta

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Kolor is pleased to release the first public beta after a period of six months in private beta development of its virtual tour creation software. You can now download it directly via our downloading center.

What’s new in Panotour Pro 2.0?

  • A new interface, a new workflow
  • Advanced project description: Using panoramas and groups of panoramas datas – Using project information and descriptions
  • Managing groups of panoramas: Many new displaying options – Management in the interface of the tour – Management of big projects
  • Choice of graphical themes and presets
  • Choice of interactivity and plugins
  • Management of contents: photo gallery, web pages, social share, video stream, PDF files
  • Coming back of the Google Maps support
  • Extended compatibilities: HTML5, Desktop, Mobile devices

Technical support: Please use the dedicated forums: bug reportshelp

Livepano add-on

Livepano, video sequences inside panoramas. Discover example virtual tours featuring Livepano.

What are the differences between version 1.8 and version 2?

The new version of the world’s reference virtual tour software application for Windows, Mac and Linux come with new features. Have a look on differences between version 1.8 and version 2.0.


Some Panotour plugins are written in JavaScript/HTML5 code. So if you build an Adobe Flash tour, and you want to test it locally, you’ll need to test the tour within a local webserver. Panotour contains an internal webserver, so you do not need a webserver if you click on the “View last built tour” green icon.

Demo mode limitations

Even if we’re in a beta stage, you can already purchase a license of Panotour 2 or Panotour Pro 2 to unlock the demo mode. If you already own a license of version 1.x, discover your special upgrade options. Without a registration code, you can still work with Panotour / Panotour Pro 2.0 but you’ll get the following limitations:

  • XML is crypted, so you cannot edit the tour afterwards.
  • A watermark is displayed on the tiles generated by Panotour / Panotour Pro.
  • A watermark is displayed in the player when you show the tour through a web-server.
  • You can upload the tour on a website and it will work, but with the above limitations.

Notes for the testers of the private alpha

This first public beta contains a known issue on the Gallery plugin. If your Alpha project contains a gallery, you’ll have to remove this plugin and recreate it.
If you do not re-create your gallery plugin, a crash will occur during the build of the tour.

New features

User Interface

- Tour File system management
During the process of a tour creation you may build your tour many times, with different parameters, different panoramas, etc…
The directory in which you build your tour may contains extra files that are not needed by the last built tour.
A file manager window describing which files are mandatory and which files seem to be useless can be opened using the last icon of the toolbar.
The “red” files are the files that the tour built by Panotour may not need.
You can delete those files by checking them, and click on the “Delete selected files” button.
If you did not copied any file into the tour data directory, all the red files should be deleted.
If you copied some files into this directory, and if those files are needed by the tour, be sure to uncheck them if you click on the “Selection/Not needed files” button.

- Replace panorama file
A new entry is available in the contextual menu of a panorama.
Select a single panorama in the “Tour” area, and right click to see this new entry : “Replace panorama file”.
This entry allows you to replace the image(s) file(s) of the panorama.
The new image should have the same aspect ratio as the original image.
If you set some spots in the original image, the new image should also have the same heading to be sure that the spots fit the new panorama.
But they can have a different size. So you can for example have a low res version of a gigapixel panorama during your tour creation process, and when you are ready, change the panorama file with the gigapixel one.
This feature also allows you to prepare a big tour before the panoramas are even shot.

Fixed Bugs

User Interface

- Update panorama and groups comobo box when a panorama or a group is renamed
- “Load custom view” is the default target transition
- 0001956: Hotspot arrangement change from rows to columns. …
- 0001990: Resizeable preview in panorama properties
- 0002405: FloorPlan Compass UI : remove the compass arrow to avoid differents visions.
- 0002387: Unable to set negative vertical offset values in panorama projection properties


- 0001860: Panorama Menu : there is a bad tooltip text over thumbnails
- 0001869: Kolor Box : iframe scrolling attribute use bad value
- 0001885: Thumbnails Stack : bad hidden with thumbnails button or controls
- 0001964: Description field : special characters management : [ ] , ” < > etc….
- 0002374: KolorFloorPlan : change the title style for multiple and single floorplan
- 0002378: KolorBox : add scrolling on iPad
- 0002388: Panorama Menu : Thumbs/Titles only for all panoramas display titles+thumbnails
- 0002389: PanoramaMenu : remove undefined groups of the all groups options
- 0002425: Description : show/hide events corrections + apply css for unordered/ordered lists
- 0002440: Change hideable plugins at start gestion to kept them visible if “respond to show/hide controls” isn’t checked
- 0002448: iControl Bar : help screen bugged
- 0002463: Social Share : deep linking values with & not taken in account
- 0002475: PDF Box is not draggable
- 0002484: Double start of the KolorMenu if respond to show/hide controls
- 0002488: PanoramaMenu : add injection verifications
- 0002489: FloorPlan : bad heading + fov values for the first radar displayed
- 0002506: Apply “close on new displayed object”, “close on new pano”, “pause autoration” on kolorBox and kolorArea based components
- 0002511: FloorPlan : test browser IE8 to remove canvas usage

  • Udo Woehler | Oct 3, 2013 at 20 h 41 min


    we imported quite a big panorama (77 panoramas, 500 spots) from PT Pro 1.8.
    1) PT Pro 2.0 consumes 22 GB memory (out of 24) to open this
    2) All Tooltip texts are lost (which is quiet anoying)
    3) When you click on “Build” in the upper right corner, it took about 30 seconds for the screen to switch to the build screen (program not responding is shown during this time), starting a build takes again 30 seconds (again program not responding) before the progress bar appears (the rebuild itself takes only a short time (Great new feature!!!))

    I hope these points can be solved in the next beta or in the final.

    Best regards

    Udo Woehler

    • Rami | Oct 4, 2013 at 15 h 57 min

      Hi and thanks for your message.
      Can you please use the forums to report the bugs or make suggestions? This will let everyone know the issues. Our developers will also be able to answer you there.

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