360-degree videos of the Icarus Cup 2013 | Are you curious to know how we did it?

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The Icarus Cup is the world’s biggest free flight meeting. It is organized every year in the Alps (France). Kolor’s hardware and software solutions have been used to create 360 degree videos from a paraglider, a hot-air balloon and a biplane for the first time since the 1st edition of the Coupe Icare. (All videos of the 40th Coupe Icare will available directly on

Are you curious to know how we did it?

Kolor selected the best equipment to record 360-degree videos with ease. They are based on GoPro fisheye cameras and let you capture the whole 360×180° video scene.


Once you have recorded your video streams, sync them automatically and stitch them together with Kolor’s new video-stitching software Autopano Video and Autopano Video Pro.


Kolor Eyes lets you display your 360° videos and interact with them: change the projection on the fly, zoom in and out within the video, turn at 360 degrees and apply visual effects. It is available on several platforms and even as a hosting service. Then, enjoy the result!

Must watch:

Discover 360-degree videos of the Icarus Cup 2013

Download Autopano Video 1.1 Beta 2

  • Lloyd Young | Nov 14, 2013 at 4 h 56 min

    Hi Kolor
    These are fantastic videos great result.
    I’m still testing my rig.
    How did you go about mounting the rig on the plane and balloon. The balloon particularly intrigues me can’t see where you mounted the pole.
    Thanks and regards Lloyd

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