[Gigapan Epic Pro and Kolor Autopano Giga review] How to build a HUGE Panoramic Photo?

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The Czech Republic magazine dedicated to digital photography Československá fotografie, has just published a review on Gigapanorama (image with extremely high resolution) using Gigapan Epic Pro (panoramic motorized head) and Kolor Autopano Giga 3.0 (image stitching software).

Here are some extracts, you can also read the full review (in Czech):

  • “Autopano Giga is fantastic to stitch your images. The software provides flawless stitching of single photos, and corrects any possible exposure differences as well as lens vignetting or spherical distortion”.
  • “The wizard of the Gigapan Epic Pro will ask you to confirm certain things on launch (Is the camera on? Are the exposure and white balance set manually? Are autofocus and flash turned off?). I found this to be very handy. Particularily for the “sleep mode” of my camera, which is usually forgotten about. Once you have confirmed all the questions, the robotic head will start shooting and all you have left to do is sit back and enjoy a nice cup of coffee”.

Must watch:

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