[Autopano Review] Focus Numérique published a review about “How to choose your image stitching software?”

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Focus Numérique, French website dedicated to digital photography, has published a review about high resolution images. Thanks to several images stitched, you can get one image with hundreds of millions of pixels. Whether you are an amateur or professional photographer, there are nowadays a lot of tools which help you to get astonished panoramic images. First, you have to shoot images, then you will have to stitch them and the choice of the image stitching software may be crucial…

“There are plenty of ways to stitch your images but when your project is quite big including many images, Autopano stands out from the competition. This is not so much the final rendering that makes us say this, but the processing speed. You can give a try to stitch more than 300 images using the module Photomerge in Photoshop, Microsoft ICE and Autopano Giga 3. You will quickly understand why we recommend Autopano for heavy work”.

“Even with as many images Autopano offers almost instant visualization of your final panorama at a pixel-accurate precision, before even rendering it. It takes several hours in Photoshop to preview the final result (and if it is not good, those hours will be wasted). Microsoft ICE is better than Photomerge but largely slower than Autopano Giga especially if you use very large amounts of photos. This flexibility and management of very large amounts of images offered by Autopano presents a real advantage which is hard to do without”.


Read the article on Focus Numérique website (in French)


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