[Panotour Pro 2.0] How to make a virtual tour at high ground speed over Switzerland?

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The Los Angeles Times, largest metropolitan daily newspaper in the United States highlights the virtual tour made by the Swiss panoramic photographer Dominik Baumann published on and reveals how he made this astonished virtual tour with Panotour Pro 2.0.

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Shooting panoramas on firm ground typically involves taking a series of photos with a super wide-angle lens while pivoting the camera around a fixed point. The digital images are then processed through software to combine them, usually, seamlessly. In Baumann’s case almost nothing would be ideal for shooting…


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  • Miguel Aguilar | Aug 9, 2013 at 7 h 37 min

    Hello, I would like to know more about the Panotour Pro 2.0, see the following example, (
    this type of application or pre-set format is, or must be created via xlm.
    Do not know if I’m doing good question, but what I mean is that I like to place menu, within the tour, to display information, photo gallery, videos, pdf etc.. I’m no programmer so it costs me, and while I see with Panotour easier, but if this sample is integrated into the tools, or you have to work xml codes. I have krpano license, but the basics work.
    Thanks for your attention to this.
    I hope to buy the panotorur within 30-45 days, but it is important your reply.
    Miguel Aguilar

    • Rami | Aug 12, 2013 at 10 h 54 min

      Hi Miguel,
      Panotour Pro 2 will let you integrate such menus and place them wherever you want in the virtual tour.
      If you need more info, please contact our support team. Thanks.

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