Arnaud Frich reviews the Gobi, panoramic head signed Bushman Panoramic and give us his opinion

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Arnaud Frich, expert in panoramic photography presents on its website « Le guide de la photo panoramique » a review about the Gobi, a panoramic head signed Bushman Panoramic. Arnaud Frich highlights that the Gobi is compact and light as a feather with a weight of 320 grams! Here are some excerpts:

Specification of the Gobi:

The Gobi has all the features to achieve all kinds of panoramas, multi-rows and of course virtual tours. On the Gobi head, the upper rotator uses a standard clicking rings. It is equipped with a double sided ring 15° on one side and free rotation on the other side. Switch easily from vertical to horizontal position by screwing on your quick release plate directly on the base plate and there you have it.

Is the Gobi different from other panoramic heads?

Once assembled, the Gobi is less imposing than the competition (Nodal Ninja 4, Bushman Panoramic Kalahari) except its clamp, and nevertheless, well below the market average. Amplitudes settings are sufficient for cameras like a Nikon D7100 or a Canon 5D Mark III. And all this for a lightweight: only 320 grams! It is particularly easy to carry and you will not need to wonder whether we take it or not when going for a walk.


What a pleasure to review this panoramic head so well designed. Bushman Panoramic leaves no stone unturned, the head is beautifully realized! You want a light and compact head, look no further…


Read the review (in French) on “Le guide de la Photographie Panoramique

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  • Fazal Majid | Jul 30, 2013 at 20 h 47 min

    We’ve come a long way since the days of the Kaidan Kiwi+. The Gobi is certainly light, but pricey, not much less expensive than a Gigapan Epic motorized head suitable for a Sony RX1, Sigma DP2M or similar high-quality compact. I personally use a Gigapan Epic 100 with a Leica M and a 90mm lens to produce quarter-gigapixel panos in Autopano Giga, and the productivity and consistency of an automated head is well worth the added weight.

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