Discover the virtual tour of Gullfoss’ waterfall in Iceland, made with Panotour Pro 2 integrating LivePano

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Kolor is glad to show you another example of virtual tour using Panotour Pro version 2 & its addon, LivePano. The tour takes place in Iceland, it shows Gullfoss’ waterfall and is made by Luc Villeneuve during the IVRPA conference which took place in June 2013.

What is LivePano?

LivePano is a tool extending Panotour 2, providing user an easy way to merge video content into a virtual tour. LivePano allows you to have a smooth transition between dynamic content (coming from video) and still content (coming from panorama), including a tool to set a blending mask & color correction. The result ? The video is perfectly integrated to the tour.

Must watch:


  • pranshu | Jul 18, 2013 at 13 h 56 min

    Is this feature also applicable with gigapixel panorama !!

  • carl | Jul 18, 2013 at 13 h 59 min

    its so nice. Great Job Kolor!.

  • pranshu | Jul 18, 2013 at 14 h 19 min

    So for example if i have a gigapixel of a cityscape ..
    take an example of paris 26 gigapixel….

    So if there is a boat in image can i put motion in boat by using livepano with gigapixel….
    If yes how !!

    • Philippe - Kolor | Jul 19, 2013 at 10 h 02 min

      Hello, the addon LivePano will work with Gigapixels image in condition that the gigapixels image is a full spherical panoramas (360*180). In the case of Paris 26 Gigapixels it wont work because this panorama isn’t a full spherical panorama. Kolor Team

  • Donald Miller | Aug 18, 2013 at 23 h 03 min

    What I find to be amazing is the audio follows the self directed pan movements.

  • Leo | Oct 31, 2013 at 19 h 24 min

    This is a great addon! I wonder if I can use it with panoramas that are shot with a one-shot gear. The panoramas I get from it are 360 degrees in horizontal and around 120 in vertical. Thank you for an answer in advance.

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