[Video-stitching software] Autopano Video 1.0 RC 1

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A new version of Autopano Video and Autopano Video Pro is available for download!


Download Autopano Video Pro 1.0 RC 1

ORDiscover Autopano Video


Autopano Video is the new video-stitching software application by Kolor.

Are you new to 360° video creation? Take a tour on our special 360° video website and discover how to record, stitch and publish 360° videos easily.


Discover just below the changelog of this version.

The change log

Main changes

This is the first release candidate version of Autopano Video (new generic video stitcher by Kolor) and hopefully the only one. So one version before final release.

Since the 4th beta version, we made some little UI corrections and fixed some reported bugs.

Demo limitations update

In order to make easier the trial of Autopano Video, the export duration has been extended to 30 seconds (instead of 250 frames) and the demo version of Autopano Giga is now able to save panorama file since 3.0.6 version (useful for adjusting the horizon).

GPU frames export support

We also added the possibility to export frames with the GPU engine. This can be useful when needed size or framerate is not supported.

Roadmap to the release

We have finished the bug list that were opened here. We are quite confident that besides some new small issues, the next version should be the final version.

Currently, many part of the documentation are also beeing written. The software is quite stable in the UI, so the tutorials are beeing created while we are fishing the code. Among them, there are already:

More tutorials and videos are also coming. Stay tunned.

Changelog compared to beta 4:

- 0002182: [Algorithms] Export frames in GPU mode
- 0002171: [Algorithms] move GPU lut correction to conversion shader
- 0002091: [UI] Add error message and check button for gpu capabilities
- 0002168: [Algorithms] adapt demo limitation
- 0002035: [UI] Better render progress bar
- 0002162: [Algorithms] Check how multiple frame rates are handled
- 0002147: [I/O] video relative path
- 0002158: [UI] synchronisation search time apply
- 0002151: [Algorithms] Histogram correction not applied in GPU rendering
- 0002157: [Crash Dump] Corrupted memory when rendering 2 times a no video pano
- 0002155: [Crash Dump] Crash when no video decoders (videos are not found)

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