Special offer on Kolor Store | Grab the Panogear [motorized head] plus Panoshoot [remote control] for €649 instead of €698

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Special offer on Kolor Store: Grab Panogear [motorized head] plus Panoshoot [remote control ]for €649 instead of €698

Special offer on Kolor Store

More about Panogear: 

Panogear is the first complete and professional solution which allows to achieve automatic shooting sessions of tens, hundreds, thousands pictures simply and easily, in order to create high resolution panoramic pictures up to several gigapixels.

What is Panoshoot? 

Panoshoot is the universally compatible Wi-Fi remote control solution for Kolor Panogear robotic mount. Panoshoot goes beyond offering a single wireless mode for controlling your Panogear by including joystick control, voice control and compatibility with most tablets and smartphones. This wireless controller for the Panogear motorized panoramic tripod head has HTML5 compatible internet capability that extends control distance by utilizing online connectivity.

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