[Video-stitching software] Autopano Video 1.0 beta 4

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Download Autopano Video Pro 1.0 beta 4A new version of Autopano Video and Autopano Video Pro is available for download!

Download Autopano Video Pro 1.0 beta 4

ORDiscover Autopano Video


Autopano Video is the new video-stitching software application by Kolor.

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Discover just below the changelog of this version.

The change log

Main changes

This is the 4th beta version of Autopano Video, new generic video stitcher by Kolor.

We made a lot of improvements in this application to offer you the best experience while stitching videos together.

Unified CPU / GPU interface

In the previous beta, we had differents settings and behaviors depending on if you were using CPU or GPU. Now, everything is exactly the same. In the rendering dialog box, GPU blending presets have been removed and the fact that you are in GPU or CPU mode is now a general software setting and not a blending preset anymore. We decided to change this as it smoothes the workflow. If you have Autopano Video Pro (AVP), then you automatically use the GPU ( you can force the CPU use if you want ). If you have Autopano Video (AV), then you use the CPU. That’s it.

Because it is now unified, you can play with many blending parameters in the GPU mode, as you were used to in the CPU mode. This is really a major breakthrough as it allows a full range of new possibilities with AVP while still having super fast rendering.

GPU algorithm enhancements

The code behing GPU rendering has been really improved and we can now render 4K videos with only 256 MB of RAM on GPU. So even with a quite old computer, you can use the GPU to get a faster rendering.

Synchronization improvements

The first step of video stitching is always about finding the common timeline between all videos. We already have an efficient audio synchronization scheme, but that might be not enough in every case. With GoPro, it can happen that audio and video are unsynchronized for the same GoPro. Our measurements showed that it can be 1 frame and 20% of the GoPros have this problem.

After an audio synchronization, we need to be able to adjust the videos visually to see if it gives a better result or not. We revamped the UI so that you can have a direct preview if you shift one frame sync.

  • In both software versions (AV and AVP), you have a new column that expresses the time shift in frame unit. You can use both columns now to shift videos.
  • In Autopano Video, a new button allows you to update the preview according to the current setting.
  • In Autopano Video Pro, you also have a button that plays the next 2s with the new values to see if the result is better. This has been made possible because the preview is now done using GPU in AVP.

Other fixes

We’ve made some other fixes:

  • Generated MP4s have the right formatting for streaming. No need to wait until everything is downloaded before it plays through the web.
  • In Autopano Video Pro, the preview is now GPU-based. When moving the time cursor, everything is really faster.
  • We fixed the bug that used to loose the aspect ratio when rendering to little planet ( or any non 2:1 ratio projection ).

Roadmap to the release

We expect that you still find some bugs. We have finished the bug list that were opened here. We are quite confident that besides some new small issues, the next version should be a release candidate.

Currently, many part of the documentation are also beeing written. The software is quite stable in the UI, so the tutorials are beeing created while we are fishing the code. Among them, there are already:

More tutorials and videos are also coming. Stay tunned.

Changelog compared to beta 3:

- 0002121: [Algorithms] Multibands is wrong when not a 360 pano

- 0002094: [Algorithms] gl_repeat is not supported in texture_rectangle

- 0002066: [Benchmark] Template absolute path

- 0002089: [UI] add visualization of synchronisation effect

- 0002107: [UI] splash screen update

- 0002025: [Algorithms] application does not exit under windows

- 0002063: [Algorithms] GPU : rendering only black frame

- 0001947: [Benchmark] Mac version really slow

- 0002090: [Algorithms] GPU rendering when picture are hidden or not in crop scope

- 0002087: [Algorithms] GPU rendering without weights

- 0002022: [Crash Dump]

- 0002085: [UI] adapt rendering preset

- 0002092: [UI] Add CPU/GPU switch to the preview in AVP

- 0002086: [Algorithms] Incorrect result when Sharp Gpu, then Multiband

- 0002067: [UI] Realtime Preview in GPU instead of CPU

- 0002084: [Algorithms] rewrite mp4 file for being progressively downloadable

- 0002081: [Algorithms] line padding in GPU

- 0002071: [I/O] Little planet aspect ratio lost

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