[Live Streaming] Panotour Pro version 2: Follow Alexandre Jenny’s talk from Iceland during IVRPA Conference

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During the International Panoramic Photgraphy Conference, occuring in Iceland, Alexandre Jenny (Kolor CEO), will give a talk Thursday, June 13 2013 introducing the next generation of virtual tours. Thanks to yellowBird, the talk will be available in 360° video live streaming.

The topic of the talk: “Virtual tours give content and interactivity to a website. What about going a step further and turning your virtual tours into authentic experiences? Kolor CEO Alexandre Jenny presents for the first time the next version of Panotour Pro, the reference software application to create stunning virtual tours without the need of programming skills. Discover the new concepts introduced in Panotour Pro 2.0 and the best ways to create virtual tours that everyone will remember“.

The conference will start at 2:30pm (Iceland local time). Pay attention to the time difference according to your country:

Paris The talk will start at 4:30pm
New York The talk will start at 10:30am
Rio de Janeiro The talk will start at 11:30am
Los Angeles The talk will start at 7:30am
Moscow The talk will start at 6:30pm
Tokyo The talk will start at 11:30pm
Sydney The talk will start at 0:30am


  • Max | Jun 12, 2013 at 17 h 28 min

    Have been waiting for this an entire year!

  • Vancampo Pierre | Jun 12, 2013 at 22 h 53 min

    Can we see the presentation after the live?
    Is it available somewhere?

    • Rami | Jun 13, 2013 at 9 h 45 min

      The presentation is recorded by the IVRPA and should be available online after the event. However, the slides of the Panotour Pro 2 presentation will be available directly after the conference on the Kolor blog. — Thanks for your interest.

  • KZ | Jun 13, 2013 at 17 h 31 min

    I look live presentation in Iceland, when V2 download?

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