Kolor 360° video solutions | 4th solution: Get the right equipment to record 360° videos

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Kolor launches today the 4th solution (out of 6) to create 360° video namely the hardware. Discover the equipment which will allow you to create your own 360-degree videos, a 360° mount (or rig) on which you can install several GoPro cameras. The team of Kolor tested and selected the following rigs. You can find the results of our tests and our opinion in this chart.

Above rigs have been tested by Kolor team. Read our opinion!

Kolor offers you the whole solutions, hardware and software, to create stunning 360° video. Thanks to Autopano Video the new 360° video stitching software, you can assemble several videos into a single one covering up to 360 x 180 degrees (Autopano Pro or Autopano Giga are required to use Autopano Video properly).

Watch the video: My first 360° video with Autopano Video

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