[Live Streaming] 360º video solutions: Follow Alexandre Jenny’s talk from Iceland during IVRPA Conference

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During the International Panoramic Photgraphy Conference, occuring in Iceland, Alexandre Jenny (Kolor CEO), will give a talk Wednesday, June 12 2013 introducing the full workflow to create & share 360° videos. Thanks to yellowBird, the talk will be available in 360° video live streaming.

The topic of the talk: “Creating 360° videos is not limited to shooting them or stitching them. Kolor CEO Alexandre Jenny presents during this conference all the solutions offered by Kolor to shoot, stitch, publish and share these 360° videos. This workflow is based on the latest products and technologies developed by Kolor and its partners: the different rigs available on the market, the new video-stitching software application Autopano Video and the latest publishing technologies based on the web standards. Some of the solutions shown during this conference are presented for the first time, in particular the solutions meant to publish 360° videos on different devices and share them with ease“.

The conference will start at 10:00am (Iceland local time). Pay attention to the time difference according to your country:

Paris The talk will start at 12:00am
New York The talk will start at 6:00am
Rio de Janeiro The talk will start at 5:00am
Los Angeles The talk will start at 2:00am
Moscow The talk will start at 2:00pm
Tokyo The talk will start at 8:00pm
Sydney The talk will start at 9:00pm


Alexandre Jenny will also give a talk Thursday, May 13 2013, about Panotour Pro 2 and the next generation of virtual tours. You can also follow the talk in 360° video live streaming

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