Kolor 360° video solutions | 3rd solution: Kolor Eyes SDK for iOS, Turn your 360° video projects into stunning iPad apps

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Do you already know the Kolor Eyes free 360 viewer for iPad?

Discover its Software Development Kit and create your own apps featuring your 360-degree videos. Design your apps to your liking with Apple Xcode and use the Kolor Eyes iOS SDK to embed our powerful 360-degree video player. Take advantage of all the included features: 4 projections, touch or gyroscope control and real-time image effects.


Discover Kolor Eyes SDK


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Kolor Eyes SDK for iOS will offer you great business opportunities. Request a quote to quickly begin developing apps that integrate this amazing 360° video player and start to earn money.

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  • Paul Nelson | Jun 12, 2013 at 23 h 17 min

    Hi guys,

    Watched your video stream yesterday from Iceland. Good work as usual! Alexandre mentioned a desktop Kolor Eyes App coming, which will be great. I’d love to see Leap Motion support built into a desktop version. I’d pay for an App with that functionality, and it’s probably not hard to replace the touch controls with the Leap tracking mechinism. You could even distribute that App on the Leap Motion Airspace site that is going live soon.

    Great work! Keep it up!

    Paul Nelson

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