New York 360 with Panotour Pro, by Nuno Madeira

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Nuno Madeira, a Portuguese Photographer, invites us to visit New York. He has just published a virtual tour that integrates multiple panoramas! You can though look over all famous places like Time Square, Soho, Central Park, the Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn, West Village and so on.


He discovered New York in 2010, and got a love at first sight. Today he wants to share his love for the city through his work.

Technically speaking, he used a Canon 1000D and a 10-17 Tokina lens, without a tripod. Each panorama is composed of 9 to 15 photos. This project required 3 years of work and has been relayed on National Geographic Portugal and Petapixel.

The virtual tour has been made with Panotour Pro 1.8. Nuno created his own themes and brought his personal touch so that the virtual tour looks like no other.

Nuno is 33 year old 360 photographer/Architect/Web-designer, you can look his work on his personal and professional website.

Don’t forget that Panotour 2 will be available soon, go there for the latest news!

  • hermer | Apr 28, 2013 at 18 h 02 min

    Impressive panoramic tour of New-York! And all those panoramas shot without using a tripod! Congratulations to the photograph.

    Interesting for me to compare with what I did in one week (with a tripod and head). I need to get back to N-Y.

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