Interview: Jerzy Pajor, Kolor Best Panoramic Photographer 2012

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Jerzy Pajor won the title of Kolor best panoramic photographer 2012. Let us get to know with this talented photographer.

Jerzy, last year you won the title of Kolor best panoramic photographer 2012 with the panorama “Bazylika Mariacka (Krakow)”. What did this victory mean to you?

I was very happy. My friends and family were proud of my prize. The priest of the Bazylika also enjoyed & congratulated me a lot. He bought 10 Panobooks!

Could you remind us some details about the shot & the image “Bazylika Mariacka (Krakow)”?

The Bazylika Mariacka is one of the most beautiful churches in Poland. It was very interesting experience. I started to shot panorama at 6 am to avoid crowd and took 7 hours, because there was low light. I used exposure time 1/30 – 10 seconds, Canon EOS 5 MarkII + Canon EF 50mm f/1,4 + Nodal Ninja 5, 71 images + 30 images HDR, Autopano Giga, Photoshop, Panotour Pro.

After your prize, did you lead other projets?

I won an excellent panoramic motorized head and I create many wonderful gigapixel projects such as the valuable gothic stained glass – excellent example about how to correct geometry in Autopano!

I also made the 5 gigapixels photography The Veit Stoss altar, a virtual tour of Lausanne, the Schweizer National-Circus KNIE and many more. I love this job! In all projects I use my Panogear, Autopano Giga and Panotour Pro.

We have already received more than 1 000 panoramas but I did not see your name in the list of contributors. What are you ploting :) ?

I will send my panorama soon because this week I have a session in a very interesting place…

Do you think that this year, you will finish in the top 5?

I’m not thinking about winning, I prefer to be surprised again.

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