Peter West Carey explains how easy it is to create a gigapixel photography using Autopano Giga and a Gigapan Epic Pro

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Peter West Carey has just published a tutorial on Digital Photgraphy School to explain how easy the creation of a gigapixel photography is with Autopano Giga stitching software and Gigapan Epic Pro motorized head.

panorama Gigapan

From the shooting to the final stitching, Peter West Carey shows us every necessary steps for making this panorama composed of 98 pictures that you can see above:

Autopano Giga has an import module especially dedicated to Gigapan motorized heads. This module allows to detect the settings of your shooting with the Gigapan.

import wizard gigapan

Peter West Carey

The Shooting has been made with a Canon 7D and a 28-300 mm lens. The panorama is composed of 98 images shot in manual mode, ISO 100, 135mm, f/9, 1/400.

According to Peter, “Utilizing AutoPano Giga to produce stunning panoramas shot with Gigapan’s heads is fairly simple.”

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