Video stitching: Kolor solutions in backstage of the Beck 360 video

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Beck recently performed David Bowie’s “Sound and Vision” song on a circular stage surrounded by over 170 musicians: this was a perfect occasion to create a 360-degree video experience. Kolor video-stitching solutions (currently in development) have been used to assemble the video streams together resulting in 3 single 360×180° videos.

Enjoy the experience! You can choose between 3 points of view, move in all directions while playing the video and even use your webcam to control it by moving your head left, right, up and down.

On Wired, Beck said: “The perspective you have watching it in 360 and the way you move around is probably similar to how a player in a videogame moves around the space. (…) But in this you’re obviously moving around a real space. It’s sort of imposing the way you navigate in a videogame into a real-life experience.”

Beck 360 video: "Sound and Vision" experience — video stitching

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