Lyon 77 Gigapixels: France’s largest photo is now available online!

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The largest photograph in France has just been released online and anyone can zoom in, zoom out and pan over the image. This 77-gigapixel panorama of the city of Lyon is made up from nearly 4,000 individual photos stitched together with the help of Autopano Giga software from Kolor.

Lyon 77 Gigapixels: the largest panorama in France (© De Graaf Photographes) stitched with Kolor Autopano Giga software

The photographers (De Graaf Photographes) have hidden 7 Easter eggs in the panorama, 5 of them are related to the history of Lyon. The visitor can therefore spend some time finding the surprises and discovering the famous monuments of the 3rd biggest city in France, such as the Fourviere basilica (19th century), the Saint-Jean Cathedral (15th century) or the historical courthouse (19th century).

The shooting took place during the winter; the same panorama will be created over the 3 other seasons.

PDF Download the press release

The stitching in Autopano Giga 3

The 3956 photos composing the panorama have been imported via the VR Drive II module of Autopano Giga.

The stitching has last 20 hours on a Mac equipped with an Intel I7 processor (2x 4 cores) of 3.6Ghz, with 36Gb of RAM, a 400Gb SSD drive (raid 0) and a 3 Tb drive (raid 0).

The .kro file exported from Autopano Giga weighted 360Gb. Quite a nice size.
Lyon 77 Gigapixels - image stitching in Autopano Giga 3

Lyon 77 Gigapixels - image stitching in Autopano Giga 3

Zoom on Lyon

Lyon 77 Gigapixel panorama - the quay

Lyon 77 Gigapixels panorama - Detail of Saint-Jean Cathedral

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    Hah! Very funny … I see there is a lion in Lyon. !!

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