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  • Vancampo Pierre | Feb 5, 2013 at 16 h 26 min

    Super content de vos outils.

    Impatient de découvrir la nouvelle version de Panotour avec l’incrustation de vidéos et espère qu’il sera possible de faire des visites virtuelles multilingues. Ainsi l’utilisateur pourra choisir la langue de son choix pour lire les commentaires incrustrés dans la visite.
    Un peu comme ceci :

    Bon travail de développement et de tests.

    Vivement la nouvelle release.


  • Ian | Feb 6, 2013 at 23 h 39 min

    It would be good if the ‘licence free’ rights were not so expensive as 299 Euro is quite steep given its the same price as the panotour software itself.

    Would also be useful to have a licence fee software that lasts say a year and then must be subscribed to for another year extension etc, for instance I want to do a small web project and spending near 1,000 Euro (for software and licence free) is quite expensive.

    Anyway, I will get someone else to compile the project on their software and just have a viewer licence for the website and take it from there. But it would be better to make sure my ideas are not leaked by someone else doing the project before it is shown publicly.

    Great software though, there is plenty of potential… I can see angles that have not yet been applied.

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