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Thomas Bredenfeld

The magazine in its January 2013 issue, Thomas Bredenfeld, expert in panoramic photography, underlines that panoramic photography is gaining in popularity & appears in the forefront of the photographic scene. Photographers, may they be amateur or professionnal can find more & more hardware & software solutions at their disposal.

After stating the various hardware and software tools available today, the article is accompanied by a case study. Thomas Bredenfeld explains what “image stitching” means and goes through the different steps to create a nice panoramic photo thanks to Autopano Giga:

Church of the Jesuits, Vienna, Austria

  • Autopano Giga automates the detection of images. A simple drag & drop of your images and Autopano Giga will start to analyze them. It will assign links (with the use of significant points called control points) in order to stitch them.
  • If your panorama seems perfectible, the Control Points Editor will allow you to manually edit the links and the Control Points to achieve an optimal alignment of the source images. In some cases the automatic stitching mode will have trouble aligning some images, and will even exclude some of them from the panorama.
  • The final result is obtained very quickly

The different steps to create a nice panoramic photo thanks to Autopano Giga

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