Autopano Pro / Autopano Giga 3.0.1: free update [Image-stitching, panorama software]

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Download Autopano Pro and Autopano Giga 2.6.4 image-stitching, panorama softwareA new stable release of photo-stitching software Autopano Pro and Autopano Giga is available!

> Download Autopano Pro and Autopano Giga 3.0.1.

With the release of a new stable software, there is always a lot of bug reported in early time as many people are now trying the software on several computer / platform. So, it is normal that we got report, but as the beta / RC stage was nicely done, there are no critical bug, only some crash that can only be reproduced in some circomptances. We had some other bug report through email or forum. Quite all have been done! (see change log below). This free update brings updated translation and new translation too.

The change log

Main changes

Fixes since 3.0.0:

– 0001634: [Unclassified] mac version downloader
– 0001662: [UI behavior] icon size and styles of pano editor not saved on OSX
– 0001661: [UI behavior] Orphan window in the main window
– 0001543: [Import plugins] VRDrive II plugin, support for zenith / nadir
– 0001651: [Crash Dump] Failed to allocate KIC Pool
– 0001657: [Crash Dump] KDTreeThread : Access out of bounds
– 0001652: [Crash Dump] Crash during detection (Bad index when preparing linked list)
– 0001629: [Crash Dump] Crash when opening editor & link editor before optimization finished
– 0001630: [Crash Dump] Crash during control point editor update
– 0001648: [Crash Dump] [MACOSX] Crash in mutex locking
– 0001656: [Image I/O] reload picture is not working
– 0001631: [Import plugins] Crash during panotools import
– 0001645: [Crash Dump] Improve compatibility with intel GPUs
– 0001646: [Crash Dump] Crash during graph cut
– 0001644: [Crash Dump] Crash in PanoDef::ProjectFullFilename
– 0001653: [Editor] Render notification sound not saved
– 0001628: [Crash Dump] Crash when deleting windows hooks
– 0001654: [Crash Dump] IOBlock : exception in destructor
– 0001649: [Doc] Doc/Soft mismatch on Clip/Unclip value in images settings
– 0001647: [Crash Dump] Crash when aborting a group processing
– 0001642: [Editor] Handle decimal point variants (, .) in image properties field
– 0001638: [Image I/O] Selecting images doesn’t work when German is set
– 0001639: [translation] German translation prevent loading images
– 0001637: [Crash Dump] Null scale factor during texture creation
– 0001635: [Editor] Layer dock wiget cannot be moved on the left dock area
– 0001624: [UI behavior] drag and drop location
– 0001621: [Shell Integration] Linux – “Open .pano with Autopano” only launches Autopano
– 0001623: [Unclassified] pano file version
– 0001619: [UI behavior] Tooltip on mask tool
– 0001627: [Editor] Crash on close since pano ask for update when saving
– 0001626: [Neurone ( optimisation )] Crash during optimization
– 0001620: [Editor] Linux Editor (CPU mode only) – Mouse over images always highlights the same image
– 0001617: [Cortex ( rendu )] wrong overlaps estimation on antighost
– 0001625: [Neurone ( optimisation )] Crash during optimization (Papywizard import)
– 0001622: [Editor] Add contextual menu to vertical line tool to suppress line

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