Machu Picchu panorama 16 gigapixels [stitched by Autopano Giga]

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Photo: Jeff Cremer

An amazing photo captures Machu Picchu in what could be the highest resolution image ever taken of the Inca citadel. The historic site, high in the Peruvian Andes, can be seen in unprecedented detail in a zoomable image shot with a resolution of 297,500 x 87,500 pixel (15.9 gigapixels). The picture was taken by Jeff Cremer, it actually consists of 1920 pictures taken with the Canon 7D and a 400mm lens both mounted on Gigapan Epic Pro.

Machu Picchu image stitched by Autopano Giga

Jeff Cremer speaks about manual correction of moving objects:

“This is a problem that often occurs in panoramic photography when the scene that has been captured contains objects that have moved between frames, like people or cars, clouds, waves, or boats on a river. Since panoramic frames overlap the object may be in one frame and not the other. Advanced panorama software such as Autopano Giga use anti-ghosting algorithms when they blend the images.”
Watch the Making of:
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  • Destiny | Nov 22, 2012 at 10 h 31 min

    Oh wow.. I mean WOW!… Love it.. well done..!! The quality of photography is very very nice. I have seen this image many times, but none of them allowed the viewer the option to zoom into it with such clarity. I always felt that the rocks on the ground had not fallen down but rather it was kind of building site with the buildings still be erected. Also, as I recall, the centre of the city is a cave to the underworld where they believed the gods lived.

    Truly amazing.. ;)


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