[Autopano review] European Consumers Choice gives 9.5/10 to Autopano Pro, image stitching software

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Autopano Pro, our leading panorama software for Windows, Mac and Linux, got 9.5/10 as a global notation thanks to european consumers choice panel interview. The review highlights the automations of the application, like the automatic detection of panoramas among hundreds of images. It also points out the manual stitching tools along with the other specific features to enhance the panorama quality.

What do users say about Autopano Pro?


Very simple to use. All you need to do is download the photos for your panorama and the software will « stitch » them together and give you a great finish.
The correction tools for the panoramic photos are really useful: watch your fairly average photos being transformed into near-perfection.
Of all the functions, the « ghost-remover » is the most amazing to me as it can manage the movement of people or objects while you are shooting. A stroke of genius!
You gain so much time with Autopano 2.6 compared to what it would take you with other complex software such as Photoshop. This software is powerful, fast, precise, and user friendly for photographic amateurs.

What is European consumers choice?


European Consumers Choice is an independent non-profit-making organization developed to reward companies for their best design, innovations and for the ease of use of their product. The products are tested under everyday conditions by european consumers who assess, evaluate and comment on their functionality, innovative features and design.
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