The Panobook 2012 is now available! Get the 150 most beautiful panoramic photos of the year…

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Kolor is delighted to announce the release of the book of panoramic photos, “Kolor Panobook 2012”.

These photographs were selected from more than 1,600 images submitted by professional and amateur photographers who captured a variety of subjects. Breathtaking landscapes, cities, beaches, buildings, people, and street scenery, taken by day and by night have inspired the 126 contributors of this book. Travel, dream with each page of Panobook 2012. Enjoy all moments captured in these photos & get away to a sumptuous photographic journey around the world.

Once again, congratulations again to all the contributors & see you next year!

Panobook 2012

Panobook 2012

Panobook 2012

Go to Kolor store and get your copy of the Panobook 2012! This book is also a great idea to make a gift to your relatives and partners, so don’t hesitate to order several copies!

Thanks to your contribution, Panobook 2012 is the fourth in the Panobook’s family. You can now grab the previous versions with the collector pack (according to availability) which includes all Panobooks.

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