XnView now supports Neutralhazer anti-haze plugin

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XnView is now compatible with Neutralhazer anti-haze pluginUse Neutralhazer into XnView

We are glad to announce that XnView, the “Swiss-army knife” of image processing (viewer and converter) is now compatible with the new Neutralhazer plugin that removes the haze in landscape photos. XnView is free for personal use, so this is a new affordable way to try Neutralhazer.

What is XnView?

XnView lets you view, organize and convert your images very easily thanks to its powerful tools. XnView is free for private use. Discover and download XnView.

What is Neutralhazer?

Remove the haze from your landscape photos thanks to Neutralhazer, the new plugin from Kolor. Neutralhazer is compatible with Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and now XnView. Discover and download Neutralhazer.

How to use Neutralhazer in XnView?

You need to download and install the 32-bit Windows version of XnView. Then download Neutralhazer, launch the installer and choose the manual option. Neutralhazer files are now on your desktop. Put them in the Plugins folder located in the XnView application folder.

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