[Autopano Review] Déclic Photo: Autopano Pro « won the public’s support » 

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In its issue of May 2012, Declic Photo presents an 8 page feature on Panoramic photos and points up Autopano’s ease of use and efficiency.

Here is an extract : «  If you don’t want to complicate your life much with technique, you should know there are efficient software for easy panoramic photos stitching. The one which won the public’s support is Autopano Pro 2.6.1 (or Autopano Giga 2.6.1, more complete). It deals with most of the corrections that may be needed for the stitching of pictures. Distortion, vignetting, exposure are automatically optimized to get the cleanest render. Even better, Autopano Pro is able to find stitched panoramas automatically by searching in a file of photos with great efficiency : it even stitches vertical and horizontal photos together successfully!

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