PCgo magazine: “Autopano Pro makes both amateurs and professionals happy – the results speak for themselves.”

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Autopano Pro tested in PCgo magazine (Germany)

Autopano Pro has just obtained the mark of 86/100 (“very good”) in the German magazine PCgo. The magazine highlights the application’s ease of use for beginners as well as the advances features for experienced photographers. Here is the full article translated in English:

“Kolor Autopano Pro clear project management following start is worth acclaim. Here, the user has access to all of the necessary photos and individual projects. The software backs up all relevant data, thus facilitating subsequent rework on a project. With the help of the standard features, even inexperienced users managed to create a panoramic image with very good quality. Among other things,
2-D surface, cylinder with up to 360 degrees and spherical projection are available here. The latter allows creation of a panoramic image (360 degree view).
Besides the automatic mode, the user can refine his or her results using the several Autopano features. The adaptation of the positions of each of the images is done using control points. The many options available here make the program excellent. Autopano Pro also excels in adapting the horizon and eliminating distortion.

Panorama experts are happy about the special features, such as the import of RAW data, support of fish-eye lenses and batch processing. The work with HDR (High Dynamic Range) Images is also possible. The program earns a couple of minus points for its speed. On older computers, a little bit of patience is necessary for some operating steps. This is observed in sorting the single images and final calculation of the panorama.

Price: approx. € 119.00

+ Very accurate features
+ Good project management
- Relatively slow on old PCs

Price/performance ratio: Very good 86 POINTS

Conclusion: Thanks to automatic features of PanoPro, there are quick results for amateurs. The many special features fulfil the wishes of advanced users and professionals.

Image caption: Kolor Autopano Pro makes both amateurs and professionals happy – the results speak for themselves.”

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