Panotour / Panotour Pro 1.7 beta 1

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Here is the first beta of next version 1.7 of Panotour and Panotour Pro virtual tour software. Our team integrated the latest version of KrPano and speeded up the generation of the virtual tour. Discover the other improvements in the changelog below. This beta version is made available for test purposes ; it does not clear any stable version you may already have installed. Don’t hesitate to join the conversation on the Panotour forum to share your impressions.


The changelog


Use of the latest KrPano player version

Use final release of the version of krpano player

Adapt Panotour/PanotourPro outputs to this new version

New option on thumbnail stacks

Add an option to let the user decides if the stack of thumbnails should be opened when the tour starts or not

Bug fixes on angular fields and vertical offset fields

Angular fields values do not change when user clicks on the graphical fields representing them

The vertical offset of imported orthoptic panoramas is correctly set

Enhanced building time

Enhanced internal algorithms to reduce the building time of a tour


Lower limitation for spherical panoramas useable in iPad tours

To be able to build a mobile-compatible tour, the project must only contain spherical panoramas with at least 360°x45° angular fields.

Distorded hotspots on iPad

Distorded images will be displayed in iPad tours as they are displayed in desktop tours.

Cube Faces suffixed by _r, _l, etc.. taken into account during import

Krpano syntax for cube faces is taken into account during Cube Faces import.

Enhancement of the basic theme

Added: a new colorizeable blinking spot in the basic theme.

  • Shane | Nov 8, 2011 at 12 h 24 min

    These are greats upgrades to panotour pro. However I would like to make a suggestion to improve your product. You should include a feature where the tour can automatically transit (once it has rotated 180 degrees) to the next image without having to click on a hotspot. Like in a powerpoint presentaion. Of course this should be an option which the user can select at the time the tour is being created.

    A program which has this feature is Easypano Tourweaver.


  • Ramón | Jan 12, 2012 at 12 h 01 min

    Como puedo incluir un plano para cada uno de los panoramas que componen la visita virtual?

    Comme je peu mettre un plan pour chaque panorama de una visite virtuel

    Merci beaucoup

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