Interview: original image stitchings with Autopano by Ryszard Horowitz

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Ryszard Horowitz is a famous photographer born in Poland back in 1939 and living in New York. He is known as a pioneer in special effects photography, which he practised before digital photography even existed. He came into panoramic photography very recently and he likes to use the stitching techniques as a tool to introduce special effects in his photos. He has just published a book showing very original stitched photographs of the city of Poznan, Poland. We asked him a few questions about his carreer and this particular project.

Ryszard, what is your background and how did you come into panoramic photography?

Please visit my website at to become acquainted with my life and 50+ years as a photographer. I’ve become seriously interested in panoramic photography quite recently when I purchased a GigaPan.

You are the author of a book showing panoramic photographs of Poznan, a city in western Poland. Your photos are quite amazing: you used the image stitching in a very singular way. What can you tell us about your photographic choices and compositions?

I’ve seen many traditional panoramic photos around. I’ve decided in my photography to transcend the obvious into something more challenging and exciting. I’ve shot from helicopters, cranes and roof tops. As in the past I’ve put aside any manuals or how to books, and began learning about the available software by trial and error. My book is a showcase of the end result of my experiments. They’ve enabled me to learn a great deal how to handle my equipment and a software for the future projects.

What software do you use to create your panoramas?

I’ve work mostly with Autopano I found accidentally googling the internet, and in a few instances utilizing a GigaPan and Photoshop software. They all offer different effects applicable depending on my needs.

How did you find Autopano Giga in doing the job? Which features helped you create your photo compositions?

I found Autopano Giga fantastic. It enables me to stitch dozens of images seamlessly in record time.

What are your future plans in terms of panoramic photography?

My dream is to continue my experiments working on a book about New York and Paris. Below you’ll find one of my NY panoramas taken in my friends apartment on West 57th Street a few months ago.

Thank you Ryszard for this interview. The team of Kolor wishes you the best success in your future photographic and panorama projects.

Visit the website of Ryszard Horowitz to find out more about his very interesting history and carreer.

You can currently find the book of Ryszard Horowitz in Poland only, but you can contact him through his website for foreign orders.

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