The Panobook 2011 is now available! Discover the 156 most beautiful panoramic photos of the year.

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Panobook 2011 - The 156 most beautiful panoramas of the year

The Panobook 2011 is finally available! From this year’s contest emerged 156 fabulous panoramas selected from more than a thousand images by a jury of professional photographers known for their attachment to the panoramic format (Jean-Francois O’Kane, Matthias Taugwalder, Harald Woeste).

What is the Panobook?

Kolor Panobook is the big annual, international contest of panoramic photography, open to all photographers, amateur and professional alike, with no participation cost. From the hundreds of panoramas proposed by the participants, a rigorous selection is made by a jury of panoramic photographers and the selected photos are printed into a beautiful, quality book. This year’s Panobook features 156 marvelous panoramic photos that you definitely have to discover.

The previous Panobooks

This is the third edition of the Panobook. You can also discover and purchase the two previous editions:

How to purchase?

Go to our e-store and buy your copy of the Panobook 2011! This book is also a great idea to make a gift to your relatives and partners, so don’t hesitate to order several copies: the shipping cost is fixed.

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