Palmela 2011 best picks: watch 4 amazing 360° videos with Kolor Eyes

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Watch 4 new amazing 360° videos!

Palmela 2011 panoramic photo festival saw Alexandre Jenny, CEO of Kolor, present the latest developments from the team. Kolor Eyes was among the innovations presented: this video player can play 360° videos, enabling the user to interact with it, change the projection, turn in every direction… Here are 4 new 360° videos. Many thanks to photographers Jeffrey Martin, Rodolphe Furykiewicz, Ryan Whitehead and DJ Vegh to share their videos.

Kolor Eyes 360 video player

The video loading might be slow depending on your internet connection.

  • Brad Templeton | Jun 10, 2011 at 16 h 47 min

    Would be great but it aborts in Chrome under linux with a grader error dialog box.

  • Louis Dorard | Sep 15, 2011 at 15 h 54 min

    Nice one! I’m trying to understand how the video stitching compares to that of the Ladybug SDK for instance, which I think is only geometry-based. Does the Kolor video stitching use SIFT features?

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