Autopano Giga stitches the biggest sports gigapixel photo: Wembley 360

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Wembley 360, the world's largest sports image by Jeffrey Martin.

Wembley Stadium has just launched the world’s largest 360 sports photo, shot during the FA Cup Final 2011 by photographer Jeffrey Martin. Kolor’s Autopano Giga software was used to stitch the 1000 images composing this 23-gigapixel panorama.

The shooting was done during the match and the 90.000 spectators were obviously moving all the time: what a big technical challenge for Autopano Giga! Fortunately, the new rendering engine of Autopano Giga 2.5 includes a unequalled Anti-Ghost feature which can be applied on gigapixel images: a world first.

Jeffrey Martin used a robot to shot the images automatically. He then employed the Papywizard import module of Autopano Giga to detect and stitch the 1000 photos. Detection time was 20 minutes. Jeffrey then used the local analysis of Autopano Giga’s panorama editor (a feature that not many people now but which can be really helpful in some cases). Finally, the rendering took about 2 hours. Autopano Giga certainly enjoyed very much working on the 192Gb-RAM and 24-core computer that Jeffrey was lended.


  • mike | Aug 12, 2011 at 20 h 17 min

    it seems like the gigapixel image was stitched into a 360 panorama made with a fisheye lens. (the zenith and nadir of the image are low resolution.)
    how was this achieved?

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