A first preview image of Paris 26 Gigapixels

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To access the big version of the preview, click on the image.

We are proud to reveal a preview image of the Paris 26 Gigapixels project. On this preview, you can see that nearly all famous monuments of Paris are present, from the Eiffel tower to the Panthéon. The thumbnails show details of the Eiffel tower, the Grand Palais and Notre Dame de Paris church.

The stitching of the 2346 individual photos (17 rows of 138 photos) was made in November using Autopano Giga and resulted in a giant image of 26.7 gigapixels: this is about 27 billion pixels! We first decided to keep the original name of the project, which was “Paris 20 Gigapixels”, but it made confusion with regard to the actual resolution of the image. This is why we now talk about the Paris 26 Gigapixels project.

So, what’s next? We are currently creating the web interface to display this giant panorama, with nice features to make the image pleasant to visit. We expect the site to be ready in a few weeks. More info to come in a few days about Paris 26 Gigapixels…

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  • Vincèn PUJOL | Jan 20, 2010 at 13 h 13 min

    Wow l’image a l’air vraiment belle :) Vivement que le résultat soit visible en ligne ! KRPano pour le player web ?

  • Standard Hotell | Oct 13, 2010 at 9 h 41 min

    Paris is a fabulous city to visit in the autumn. Its not to warm or to cold, its just beautiful. I like visiting all the cafe.

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