Panobook 2010: A first overview

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Here are some of the panoramas selected for the Panobook 2010.

Thank you to all participants. The Panobook 2010 is already a success, with 638 participants and 1392 images received! The overall quality was high but the jury, composed of 3 famous panoramic photographers, managed to choose the 151 images that will be included in the book.

What’s next ?

The layout designer is currently finishing his work. The verification period will last about a week. Then, the book will be sent to the printer. We expect to receive the copies on mid-November. Stay tuned!

Congratulations to all selected contributors:

Robert Abbett, Franck Agoua, Kenji Akiyoshi, Thomas Althaus, Christopher Arndt, Patrick Azay, Gordon Bain, Daniel Bejannin, Pascal Bénard, Lionel Bergeret, Philippe Besacier, Cyril Blazy, Christian Bludau, Jean-Laurent Bortolaso, Peter Braatz, Guillaume Cannat, Stefanie Carle, Richard Carlson, Gérard Ceccaldi, Marc Chauviere, Pierre Chenebault, Ayres Christ, Danai Chutinaton, Jason Cisneros, Ben Clegg, Ron Cooper, Sam & Ben Cooper, Pierre-A. d’Oilliamson, Rick Daley, Marc Davis, Jef De Becker, Jorge De La Torriente, Dmitry Degtyar, Jean-Louis Desouche, Olivier Devineau, Michael Doty, Philippe Durand, Yves Duval, Maciek Dworak, Ludwig Franz, Hank Gans, Patrick Gauthey, Pascal Gérard, Murat Germen, Jason Gotlib, Fernand Grasges, Jean Guimond, Alexandre Guinefort, Matthias Gutbier, Peter Gutsche, Eric Hagemann, Kostas Harvatis, Jean-Louis Heitz, Jean Heydon, Con Hionis, Robert Hoischen, Pierre Jayet, Stan Jirman, Joël Juge, Hady Khandani, Christian Kiely, James Knight-Smith, Georg Kohr, Tapio Kostet, Jean-Jacques Lacoudras, Stefan Lago, Roderick Laird, Matt Lambert, Bruno Langlois, Christophe Larquié, Scott Lerman, Andy Lerner, Philippe Lesage, Jook Leung, Roland Lhoest, Michael Lindsay, Laszlo Lugo Lugosi, Steven Macciolli, François Martin (a.k.a. BrÖk), Severine Mary, Karl Meier, Vasilis Mentogiannis, Jean-Marc Miller, Christophe Moratal, Geoffrey Morelle, Grégory Moulard (a.k.a. muscapix), David Murray, Robert Near, Mike O’Brien, Serhat Özşen, Gregor Pchalek, Maxime Peregrini, Jim Pire, Oliver Plick, Hans-Dieter Poppe, Thierry Poutrain, Alexandre Quillet, Steve Reed, Richard Reynolds, Alberto Rot Albarca, Thomas Roth, Jean-Pierre Rouja, Pascal Saulay, Jean-Marie Schmisser, Thorsten Schumm, David Seguin, Peter Seidler, Petr Semi, Hermann Sigurdsson, Hannah Sinclair, Randy Smith, Allan Stam, Alan Stanley, Mike Steffl, Takashi Sugiura, Andrew Sullivan, Renato Tarabella, Claire Thibeau, Martin Tinak, George Turner, Christoph Vogt, Matthias Wassermann, Olive White

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  • DrSlony | Oct 9, 2009 at 16 h 23 min

    Wow, wonderful panoramas! Panobook 2010 will set a real high standard for panography!

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  • Mohammad | Oct 10, 2009 at 23 h 23 min

    I’ve sent you one panorama.I should mention that I was a amateure and my camera was Canon Ixus75. Now I have Canon G10 and my science in photography is increasing day to day. I’m very interested to select my panorama as an amateure not proffesional. I should tell I am an optometrist,primary eye care specialist.


  • Narboux | Oct 14, 2009 at 9 h 41 min


    I am curious about the picture of Patrick Gauthey. Is it really panorama made by stitching several pictures ?
    How one can achieve this when taking the picture a moving boat ?


  • patrick Gauthey | Oct 15, 2009 at 8 h 44 min

    c’était une régate je suis sur un autre voilier Moonbeam IV et je shoot au moteur. La vitesse relative sur le voilier m’a permis de faire plusieurs séquences photos. J’ai les preuves que je peux fournir à autopano les différentes photos, mais il y a aussi ce soft incroyable et le métier car je fais beaucoup de photos de régates.

    It was a regatta I am on another sailboat Moonbeam IV and I shot with the engine. The relative speed on the sailboat allowed me to make several sequences photos. I have the proofs that I can supply in autopano the various photos, but there is also this incredible soft and the profession because I make many photos of regatta.


  • Georg Kohr | Oct 23, 2009 at 16 h 52 min

    Hello everybody,

    what an honour and what a great joy to see all this fantastic photo-art. I am one of the succeful contibutors and I am so very pleased, that one of my pictures has been selected for publishing.

    I just can´t wait to get my hand on the second pano-book…. three cheers to the Kolor-team for this brilliant idea


    Greting to all


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  • Дмитрий | Mar 12, 2010 at 5 h 25 min

    Супер! Спасибо :0

  • Jesse Lee | Apr 17, 2010 at 4 h 31 min

    great job!
    I hope to be one of the contributors next year.

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