Melbourne Symmetry: a book of 70 panoramas by an Autopano user

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melbourne-symmetry-cover.jpg186RED, an Australian publishing company, let us know about Melbourne Symmetry, a book of panoramic images that has just been published.

Melbourne Symmetry is a high quality, hardcover, 112 page, full colour photography book of the city of Melbourne, Australia.

Con Hionis is the photographer of all 70 cylindrical panoramas included in this book. All the images were created using Autopano Pro software. Hardware included a Nodal Ninja 3 panoramic head, a Canon 40D and various Canon lenses. Braketing and HDR imaging were used.

All images have been rendered at 52 megapixels in 16bit colours after initial cropping. Panoramas have been comfortably printed as large as 4.5 meters long.

The publisher wrote to us to tell us that “after sampling many other stitching programs, Autopano was chosen due to its controls, flexible interface and ease of use, and its web site and instructions are also helpful when required.”

Con Hionis used Autopano Pro on Windows Vista 64 bits operating system powered by an Intel Quad Core processor.

Below are some images from the book. Con Hionis also contributed to the Panobook 2009, in which 4 of his Melbourne panoramas are included.

To find out more about Melbourne Symmetry and order copies of the book; visit






  • Melbourne Accommodation | Dec 19, 2008 at 7 h 58 min

    WOW, we’ve seen a lot of representations of Melbourne and it’s many attractions but these are pretty special. Good luck with the book we look forward to seeing it.

  • Ian D. Martin | Apr 16, 2009 at 0 h 43 min

    I saw this book in the main tourist information office in Federation Square in Melbourne City Centre and couldn’t stop looking at it. I bought thee book and keep going back to it time and time again. As a visitor to Melbourne it has inspired me to re-visit some of the places shown and re-examine the views.

    I too compile pano photographs and consider myself to be well versed in this style of photography, but take my hat off to the author/artist. Incredible and thought provoking work. Well done. I look forward to seeing more of this man’s work. An inspiration.

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