A few days left to the release of Panobook 2009: info and details

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Logo Panobook 2009The Panobook 2009 will be available very shortly on our website! The printing is now over, the result is just great! You will be able to order the book in a few days.

As a reminder, Panobook 2009 is a collaborative book of the most beautiful panoramic images from Autopano Pro software users. To find our more about the project, you can read the previous posts:
Panobook 2009 final draft
Panorama Book 2009: a first preview
1600 images received for the Panorama Book!

  • Details about Panobook 2009

* 221 contributors
* 248 pages, including folding pages
* 365 stitched images from 58 countries
* 30cm (11.8 inches) long, 20cm (7.9 inches) wide, 2cm (0.79 inch) high, 1.2kg (2.65 pounds).

  • Price
  • 1. Public price

Public price of the Panobook 2009 is 30 euros ($38*). This is the price recommended for sale in bookstores. Our company is located in France. If you live outside the European Union, or if you have a European VAT number, you don’t have to pay the VAT, so your public price will be 28.44 euros ($36.33*).

  • 2. Contributor special price

As previously announced, all contributors will be able to buy the book at cost price. Cost price is 13.46 euros ($17.18*). Our company is located in France. If you live outside the European Union, or if you have a European VAT number, you don’t have to pay the VAT, so your cost price will be 12.76 euros ($16.29*). The detailed budget of the book can be sent to any contributor wishing to review it.
Good news: we decided not to put any limit on the number of books a contributor can order at cost price :-)

  • Collective projet, collective goals

This project aims to enable all Autopano users to have their best panoramas published into a quality book. The goal is also to show the general public that the panoramic photography is at anyone’s reach.

With this goal in mind, all benefits that might be generated by Kolor through the sale of the book at public price on its website or elsewhere will be allocated to projects promoting the panoramic photography, like a panorama contest or grants to projects dealing with panoramic photography.

See you in a few days for the release of Panobook 2009!

* Prices in dollars are indicative. Exchange rate as of Nov. 24th, 2008: EUR 1.00 = USD 1.28.




  • Peter Morse | Nov 30, 2008 at 18 h 03 min

    C’est fantastique – I am very much looking forward to getting copies for my friends and family here in Australia. Autopano Pro is a work of genius that has helped me so much in Antarctica (including at the wonderful French Station at Dumont D’Urville, where everyone was so friendly.) Merci! I look forward to it.

  • Georg Kohr | Dec 2, 2008 at 8 h 17 min

    Hello everybody,

    I hope the book will be available before christmas. It would be a superbe gift. I for sure will order too more than one issue. Who can say, that one pohot of one´s own is published in a high-class book ;-))

    Best regards from Germany/ Meilleures sautations d´Allemagne
    Merci á toute l´equipe de Kolor et joyeux noel á tout le monde


  • Len | Dec 11, 2008 at 0 h 41 min

    I have ordered the book, and cannot wait to receive it.

    Len Goldman

  • trondk | Dec 18, 2008 at 11 h 51 min

    I got the book the other day. So much talent – fantastic images! I am really, really enjoying it, very inspirational. The Panobook is a brilliant idea – now with Giga coming out, and the posssibility to create virtual tours you will need a huge website in addition to the 2010 book :-D

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